Monday, July 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday- July 30, 2012

This is what was on my DESIGN Wall today when Mary C arrived.
 TRENDS has issued a Challenge for the upcoming show and this is part of the beginning of the design in my head.  Just a sneak peek if you zoom into the drawing in the left top corner.   This is a big secret I get to keep until it is shown at Trends in September.  I only have until August 21st to get it finished and shipped there.  Wish me lots of Luck.

. The Long Arm is busy with a couple quilts waiting to be quilted.  A couple were done and gone before the pictures could be taken. The following are a couple of quilts that haven't been shown on here

A Floral beauty for a Fellow Guild Member.  I think the pattern is called Slideshow or something like that.
A Nine Patch with pretty Border Print borders.

                                            Panels set in the center and pretty borders all around.
Julie H will have to tell us the name of the patterns when she comes from Mesa next month.

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  1. The four and nine patch on point with toile floral stripes between is original based on several other quilts which interested me. I had to find a creative use for the lovely floral stripe.

    The floral panel one was a free Walmart pattern which I altered by changing the direction of the last border(fabric shortage)and by adding Farmer's Wife basket blocks in the corners.

    Julie H.


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