Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Backing Fabrics and Other Things

Here are three of the new Backing fabrics.   As of Close of business today there are 3 more coming in.  Hopefully they will include some 30's Backing Fabrics from Windam Fabrics. 
Mary C - the Quiltingrandma Quilted this Lone Star Wednesday and Thursday.  She used some of the dark blue Backing.  The Quilting Pattern is "Swirls" by Debra Geissler.

My Daughter Tammy made this D9P quilt for a lucky young girl who likes Zebras.
This is a favorite pattern to make and Tammy admitted to learning how to attach Borders the easy way as instructed.  Cutting the Border to Length. Pinning the two ends and Center first, then adjusting to fit.  It works much better than just sewing and hoping it fits.

As a fun way to get our Exercise we got a Bicycle built for 2.  We try and get out to ride at least 2-3 times a week.  Thanks to Jerry's Daughter, Becky for finding it.  The helmets came with the Bike. Even if it is only a short ride while Michael is helping take care of Clayton.  Mary C just happened to have her camera on hand to snap these action shots today.
 How's Your Summer??  The weather is FINE at Thread and Bolts! 
 Come and see us.  Farmer's Wife is Next week

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