Tuesday, March 26, 2013

End of Bolt Sale - Starts Wednesday!

Thread and Bolts had too much fun Shopping at Trends 
 Lets clear some of the short/older bolts off the shelves 
to make room for NEW Fabric.  
Come and see what is going on the EOB [End of Bolt] Sale!  

50% Off  BOLT FABRICS marked EOB
25% off BOLT Fabric not marked EOB
(includes 108" Backing fabrics)

 $4 Flat Fold fabrics
WEDNESDAY, March 27th-Wednesday April 10. 
 Open 10 am- 5pm M-F or by appointment

 There are many colors and prints to choose. 
It will be like a treasure hunt to find them, are you feeling lucky?

Link for the Contest Quilts at Spring Trends at EE Schenck is HERE

Monday, March 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday March 25, 2013

Not much on the Design Wall but this pretty quilt came off the LongArm. 
Victoria used our "Bouquet of Friendship" pattern and chose Pastel fabrics and the Kona White to make this quilt for the lady who found her lying on the floor in her apartment and got help and an Ambulance to get her to the hospital in time, thus saving her life. Don't you think it is a great gift!

The quilting on it shows up nicely.  It is the feather Panto that is a favorite.  It gives nice texture to the quilts.

June and Mary Ellen are keeping their Rotary cutters and fabrics flying at Thread and Bolts on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Here is the Planet D9P that Mary Ellen is almost finished with. She has another one started already.
 It's fun to see them making the Disappearing 9-patch quilts in the same colors.  They both chose the PURPLE fabrics from the Jackie Robinson "Roses" fabric line. They don't Blog so I'll share them on here soon.  Mary C isn't the only one who loves the Purple!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Trends- @ EE Schenck

Close-up of my Badge With Marti Michell pin and the two Clover Pins. 
The green one for St Patrick's Day and the White one to Celebrate 30 Years for CLOVER.
 One Highlight of TRENDS was having MARTI MICHELL come. We have asked for  her to come and be the GUEST SPEAKER many times on our Surveys at TRENDS.
Below is the remake of one of her quilts in the new Fabric line, "My Secret Garden"

 She has a new Pineapple ruler that makes 3 different size Blocks.

My good friend Elizabeth Hampton-Gray made a quilt for the THEME of Trends Contest and WON the Prize for "Best of Theme"
Here is our Son, Clayton with John and Elizabeth Hampton-Gray

Here is the Bounty we brought home with us from the Trends Trade Show.
 A Die to Cut Log Cabin Blocks on the Accuquilt Die Cutter, Bigger Wonder clips, 11 Bolts of pretty fabrics, More templates Rulers and Books
 New bags to share for when you bring Quilts to be Quilted at Thread and Bolts- 
You'll get one with your finished quilt in it.
 A bolt of the Panels from Marti Michell's NEW fabric Line
"My Secret Garden"
 My Winning from RED Rooster on Sundays Door Prize Drawing. "Nordic Visions" Fat Quarter Bundle.

 There will be a lot of new fabrics coming in from now until August. 
And Starting sometime soon will be the MARTI & Me Club at the Shop.

M & M Quilters

The two Block of the Month Programs continue at Thread and Bolts. We have been calling one of them U-Taupia and were corrected. It has an official name "A & C with Pinwheels Frames". 

The 2 Blocks for this quilt in March are pictured below.
Fair and Square
Liberty Square

The 2 Blocks for "The Romance Continues" Block of the Month  Quilt
#5 Friendship Card &  #6 Engagement Party

Mary C has finished making all of the 12 Blocks
(Not all of the fabrics are as shown in the pattern)
Now she can use the Finishing Instructions and get it assembled.
We meet on the 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am-1pm.  
Also Tuesday evening from 4-7pm or by appointment. Come join the FUN!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday- March 18, 2013

"Butterflies in Flight"
The big TA-DA of the day is Lynn's Block of the Month hanging at Trends in Portland.
The M & M Quilters will be happy to see this on Tuesday. Thanks to Mr Kona Bay for posting this picture on his Facebook wall.  Lynn will have more to show from her visit with Marti Michell and Mr Kona Bay this past week-end.   Come back tomorrow.

Finished Farmer's Wife - Becci
 Here it is ready for her to pick up at our M & M Quilter's Meeting.  It's a great thing to have this quilt finished in a Year. Becci chose a cozy flannel for the backing . 111 --6.5" blocks with many pieces in each one.
 A fun Feather paisley pattern shows up nicely in the borders.
 Next on the LongArm is a Roses quilt by Julie H from Mesa.  This one will have roses quilted all over it.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday- March 11,2013

"Square Peg in a Round Hole"
This is what the Michelle's D9P from the Y2K 3" Squares Swap looked like when Lynn "found" it last Fall when she was looking for her Jars to do some canning.   Very Scrappy, the only constant was the Orange center square.  We show it with a dime on it so you can see how tiny it is. About an inch finished!
This quilt began when we were still quilting in the basement around 2005.  Michelle told her mom that she got this one and last September it was put a little higher on the UFO list.  It needed borders and to be quilted.  That is just what happened this past week.  Michelle came to visit and selected the fabrics she liked for borders and on Tuesday, those borders were attached.  Not quite what her Mom would have chosen, but Thread and Bolts has a couple less skinny bolts of fabric in the shop now.  Mary C chose a bright Yellow Backing fabric and loaded on the frame.  When Michelle came to visit on Wednesday she said Yellow was her favorite color and it was perfect.  Lynn quilted Square Doodles on this quilt. There is nothing better than making a quilt for family! How do you like the name of this quilt?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday March 4, 2013

Square one
U-Taupia with Butterflies
Lemon Squares

Savannah Squares
Square Feet

Fair and Square
Liberty Square

Trafalgar Square
Scarborough Square

Square knot

9 of the 12 blocks are pictured.  Guess Mary C missed getting the last 3 photographed.
Mary C and Lynn's daughter, Tammy were out at Thread and Bolts almost every day last week.  This is how it looked when Mary C saw it on Thursday.  The lower corner is assembled.  
It is most likely getting quilted and bound as this post goes live.  Have a great week of Quilting and Blog- hopping.  Please leave your comments and don't forget to go and see more Fun Design Walls HERE.

Friday, March 1, 2013

On and OFF the Longarm...

I've not shown all of the Customer Quilts that have come off the APQS Long Arm at Thread and Bolts for a while.  There have been a few, even a couple I didn't get to see and photograph.  

First is Julie H of Mesa's Music Quit. Lynn quilted a Treble clef and music note Panto all over it.   
 It was the perfect Quilting for this quilt. Lynn quilted this panto on another quilt that went to Charity. I think it is in the Slideshow on the sidebar.

 This one is from Mary Ellen- 
She made a Card trick in gray and blues.  Very manly.. Lynn quilted the Square Doodles Panto on it.
  Mary Ellen is working on our favorite- this is her 2nd D9P. Made from fabrics with the planets on it.  

 Mary Ellen and her friend both came for one on two classes to make a D9P last year with the Dragonfly fabric. Mary Ellen's was quilted by Lynn and is HERE.

Here's a sneak peek at Becci L's Farmer's wife quilt.  This is being quilted with a feather Panto that has a paisley design in it. Becci L is lucky to have her Farmer's Wife quilted by Lynn.  She is one of the three who have a completed top from the FW Group.
 Soon to be quilted is the "U-topia" Quilt that Lynn has been working on most of the last two weeks. The blocks are all made and the borders are on. We hope to reveal it soon.  It may not be until it is hanging at Trends in Portland though.  We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for Mr Kona Bay and Marti Michell.  Right???