Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SURPRISE from Trends!

Today Mary came out to get her quilts that came back from Trends. They sent two boxes, we sent only one. The first one we opened thinking it was Mary's 2 small quilts held the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY quilt we had made for Trends and...This basket full of Surprises!

See the nice wrapping? It came with a sweet letter too. Inside was a selection of Fat Quarter bundles and some fun Books. The pair of scissors on the lanyard is on top.

Mary didn't want to count it on her Stash Report so it's all Lynn's!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trends Weekend--Fall 2011

Happy 50th Birthday to TRENDS...
On display at Trends this past week-end was the Birthday Card we made for the Event. Placed in a visible spot as you enter the Warehouse. Also displayed were two of Lynn's recent quilts, pictured below, the Pink and White one is now our first Pattern! We saw many people taking pictures of it and sold a few patterns. Lots of Networking goes on at Trends.

Saturday night was the Birthday celebration for Trends. We didn't win the Big Prize but...
Lynn was the LUCKY birthday Prize winner at our table. Contents of the box didn't get pictured.

One of the highlights of going to Trends is the reunion Lynn has with her sister. This year her Sister did the 5K for Breast Cancer on Sunday before coming to Trends.
More of the week-end events are detailed at Mary's BLOG.

New Product at THREAD and BOLTS!

This is just a sample of what came home with us from TRENDS. The Warm and Natural Batting has been re-stocked!

More bolts were recently added to the Red Rooster "ALOHA" fabric line by Jennifer Chiaverini.

Contact the Shop by e-mail: Lynn @ for Longarm Quilting Quotes, online ordering and Pattern sales.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Bouquet of Friendship

The Raffle Quilt inspired Bouquet of Friendship Quilt Pattern has been published by Lynn and Mary this week and is ready for purchase. We are dreaming of it in more colorways and backgrounds- even a totally scrappy one would be fun! Many Thanks to Becky at Wilson Designs, and Tara at Copier Specialists! Mary's Sample Quilt and patterns are available this week-end at the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Show at the STASH booth . Patterns are also at Quiltmania in Richland and Janean's Bernina in Pasco.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Stuff at the Shop!

New Fabrics coming in a the Quilt shop...

This Panel just arrived at the shop last week! Look at the border and read the cute sayings all around. There are many more fabrics that go with this Panel at the shop. Come and See!
Lynn has some ideas in her head and will be working up a Demo quilt to have to Display at Trends next Spring. Trends for Fall is coming right up and our Quilts will be there. Pictures will be posted at the event. Lynn has 3 Quilts and Mary has 2 quilts to send out on Friday. The theme is HAPPY 50th Birthday to Trends. We are working on a "Secret Project" to also send with our Box of quilts. Stay Tuned to see that BIG Reveal!

Lynn continues to accept Customer Quilts. These two were sewn together and quilted in one day. She did a MINI Stipple on them and it took over 8 Hours and the customer was happy. Cute pinwheel pattern.