Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farmer's Wife Groups- Blocks

Mary remembered to take pictures this week of the Farmer's Wife Groups.
Becci's Blocks
Marilee's Blocks
Tuesday Morning group

Tuesday Evening group
 Wednesday Morning Group
Mesa- Julie's Blocks
Mary J's Blocks
 Not everyone brought their blocks with them.  We'll try and get more pictures next month of the blocks.  We enjoy seeing all the different colors and fabrics in these 6.5" blocks.   Some of the Blocks are more "contrary" than normal.  Do you see the block done wrong?

We are all trying to keep up with Spring Break and Summer coming.  At least we Hope that Spring is Coming!  It has arrived at Thread and Bolts.  Lots of new fabrics to see and BUY!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Trends- EE Schencks

Lynn and Mary attended Spring Trends in Portland this past week-end.  We met a few 'new' people who happen to be quilt book Authors and Teachers.  It was a fun week-end to get-away!
Friday was Shopping in the Warehouse Day and Guest Speaker- Carrie Hargraves.

 Carrie is the Daughter of Harriet Hargraves a well-known Quilter.  Carrie is the Author of the "Quilter's Academy" series Books that they use to teach "precision" quilting at Boot Camps at the Store in Colorado.
She brought quilts that she made while writing the Quilter's Academy Books.

We enjoyed visiting with Pepper Cory and seeing her "Sashiko".  Lynn took several of the Make and Take classes at the Vendors.  Mary got to observe a couple and we learned some new tricks.

 We stayed in the Red Lion at the Quay in Vancouver.  The first night we were tried of traveling so we ate during "happy hour' in the lounge. The food was plenty for our Dinner two nights while there.  Back in the room we Sewed on the project we have been working on for a while.  

Here is Lynn with the Applique part of the Quilt made from the "Accuquilt" cuttings.  They are fused on the fabric. We have collected scraps and pieces from Linda Pumphreys at her Go Cutter Booth at Trends the past few times we attended.   Linda was in Lancaster PA show so we got to meet and learn more about the Go cutter from Tammy.
Tammy and Lynn with "Trendy Dots"

Mary was the designated sewist on this project again.  There just wasn't room in the hotel for both sewing tables.  We had to ask for an extra chair so we could both sit and work on the project. Lynn will Quilt it on her Long arm of course!
Mary and Lynn with "Trendy Dots"

"Trendy Dots"
The finished top of the Quilt.

 This is the Quilt made by our friendly Door Prize Caller at Trends- he also mans the Batting booth at Trends.  The pattern is currently found in the "Quilt" Magazine.  Here he is pictured with the lady who quilted it for him.  It is more stunning in person!  We had to search through 4 stores to find the magazine so we could get his "autograph" -- He's 'famous' now you know!

 The only part that wasn't fun was the weather.  We saw all kinds of it!  We were so happy to finally see blue skies and a hint of sun in the distance as we headed home Sunday night.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Farmer's Wife Blocks


Here are the 10 Blocks to make in the Month of March.  Lynn has her 10 all made.
Meeting times are this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

These Blocks are habit forming.  6.5" blocks made with Templates by Marti Michell.
Some are harder than others.  The Scrap bin is getting smaller at the "Thread and Bolts" Shop.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lynn has been Quilting the Ides of March Away

 These are two of Julie H's fun quilts that got finished this past week. First up is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery from 2005.  It is called "Double Delight".  The information on this one is found on the Quiltville Blog in the Mystery Patterns.
And the back looks so nice with the Feathers.

  #2 Quilt for Julie H. quilted with the same Feather Panto.

Back of Star Quilt- Feathers on Cream Background fabric. 
Thread and Bolts has a great selection of 108" Backing Fabrics.

Sean's Stars
In honor of an old Irish Friend, Lynn made this quilt a very long time ago when she lived up by Tollgate.  Some of the green fabric has shamrocks on it.  It now belongs to Lynn's Favorite grand-daughter.  She received it on Wednesday and gave her Grandma the biggest HUG!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Check out the pattern Lynn Wilson and Mary Crowther have published. It is currently being made in batiks and we will post a photo as soon as it is finished. The pattern has been used as a Saturday quilt in San Diego. It may be purchased through Paypal from the author. The cost is $10.00 including the cost of shipping. Get yours today. Wholesale inquiries welcomed!