Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NEW This Week

New Panels have come into the Thread and Bolts Quilt Shop recently.
A Panel for the Man in your Life. Say the words to the Tune of "My Favorite Things"
from the Sound of Music...

A Panel to remember the good old days of Sewing Machines long ago.
This line is called Mrs Sew and Sew

A Noah's Ark Panel that just needs a few borders to finish it off nicely for the New Baby.

The top two Bolts go with Noah's Ark Panel. Aren't the Lambs Cute in Pink and Lavendar?
"Baby and Me" panel by Leann Anderson. There are a few companion prints that go with it.
The verse around the edge reads as follows:

As I Lay You Down to Sleep,
I Pray My Little One to Guard and Keep.
I Pray That You Won't Grow Up too Fast.
For This Precious Time Will Have to Last.
I Pray for Safety When Away From me,
When Riding Your Bike or Climbing a Tree.
I Pray You'll know I Loved You From the Start.
You Stole My Breath and Jump Started My Heart.
I Can't Wait To Teach you Your ABC's.
I Look Forward to Talking About the Birds and the Bees.
When I First Saw your Precious Little Face,
I Prayed Your Life Would be Touched by Grace.
As Parent with Child, Each Day I Knew,
My Mind Would be Filled With Thoughts of You.
I Pray You'll Know How Much You are Loved,
You Truly Are God's Gift From Above.

Cute animals to go with the Panel above.

A Daisy Kingdom Panel Book that could be a cute Nursery Quilt.
Below are some cute Kid Prints, Trains and Paper Dolls are fun for Boys and Girls.

The Tone on Tone in White and Cream have expanded!

These Cowboy Pillow Panels would make up Quick for the Cowboy in your life. Some have the Companion panels for a Fast Quilt.

More Cowboy Prints to use with the Cowboy Panels

Saturday, November 19, 2011

After the Remodel- OPEN HOUSE

The remodel of the Thread and Bolts Quilt Shop is finished and it looks WONDERFUL!
Many bolts of fabric have been added in the past week and the shelves are full of fabrics just waiting for customers to come and buy. Pictured below are a few of the new fabrics on the shelves.

Great Selection of 108" wide fabrics to finish your Quilts

Marti Michell and Jackie Robinson's Roses fill this set of shelves

Fabric Freedom

Novelty panels and coordinating prints to go with them

More Notions and Quilt Books
Pre- Cuts available NOW

Thread and Bolts Now has the "GO" CUTTER and multiple Dies to use with your Purchased fabric. More Dies are on the way from the WAREHOUSE. Come play with us!

Thread and Notions
The NEW Cutting station with rulers close at hand to use

Thread and Bolts has many fabrics that aren't anywhere else locally! More is on it's way, including Caroline's Collection from Red Rooster by Jennifer Chiaverini.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sneak preview- Remodeling the Shop

Where Mary's Design Wall used to be is now covered with shelves of FABRIC!
This is just a sneak peek of the changes being made in Thread and Bolts Quilt Shop.

Jerry has been BUSY getting more shelves built to remodel the Shop.
Fabric stacked above shelves temporarily, the old shelves are getting a face lift too.

This is the newest fabric this week.
Mrs Sew and Sew line by RJR.

A Red Rose by Fabric Freedom of London, England

Hopefully by this time - next week, you can get a peek at the Thread and Bolts Quilt shop!