Monday, February 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday- February 25, 2013

Thread and Bolts Quilting has been very busy since last week's Block of the Month M & M Quilter's group came.  Many parts and pieces of the Marti Michell "U-Taupia" Quilt are in process.  
 There are 56 or more of these needed for one of the borders. Lynn made a few in the half-sized...opps!  They will make a nice edge on the pillowcases that will go with this quilt.

We tried different Alternate solid blocks and setting triangles with the pieced blocks on the wall.  The blue is nice but it just didn't make these Jewel-toned blocks pop. We settled on the dark purple. You can see a little of the border fabrics being tested up there too.

 A few tiny Pinwheel blocks and two color sashings were made and the Block with the BLUE around the center square got fixed too. The 4 corner Blocks will be the same block. Lynn is adding 4 extras to make this quilt fit her bed -King sized.  The fabrics are mostly "Butterfly Carnival" from Kona Bay. This is just a sneak peek of the quilt. It is well on the way to being a Flimsy, ready to be quilted with Butterflies.

Hopefully by this time next week it will be on it's way to the Spring Trade Show @ Trends in Portland.
Both Marti Michell and Doug, aka: Mr. Kona Bay will be there and won't they be surprised when they see it hanging up in the Warehouse? We'll post the Finished Quilt next week.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

M & M Quilters

M & M Quilters meet the 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. 
That name was chosen by the group.  What happened this week??
  Let me tell you!   Lynn handed out the 2 Blocks for each of the BOM's and the finishing instructions.  
Here are the two U-Taupia Blocks for February.
We spent 2 hours auditioning borders and sashing fabrics for Lynn's U-Taupia Quilt.

Lynn is going to sleep on this arrangement and see if she still likes in tomorrow.

Mary C's February Blocks 

Mary C cut out the parts for the Alternate chain blocks and made a couple so we could see how they looked on the Design Wall with the blocks done so far. The one on the far left is a block for March.
 Mary switched the yellow and green in the Alternate Blocks to tone down the yellow.  What do you think?
Only 7 more Sampler Blocks 4 Half Alternate Blocks and 11 more Alternate Blocks to make.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rainbow- A Bouquet of Friendship- Seen at Road to CA

 This is a picture of a picture, sorry for the fuzziness of it.  This quilt was made in Upland, California for the booth of Ginger's Quilt Shoppe at Road to CA.  She sent the picture to show what they did with our "Bouquet of Friendship" Pattern.  They made up kits and sold 22 of them.  Great News for the Thread and Bolts Quilting Business.  We sold her patterns while at Trends a year or so ago.  It's nice to see another version of our pattern. The patterns is available locally at Thread and Bolts, STASH and Sew-n-Vac.  We are thankful for Local support, too.
Funny that the same day I get to Blog about seeing a second quilt made with our pattern. This one is still in-process of being a quilt top.  Victoria, a local Quilt Guild member & former Treasurer, is making it for the lady who found her lying on her floor unconscious from an aneurysm and called for help, thus saving her life.
She has the corners ready to sew on for the center, they are just pinned to the place she will add them after she sews the trapezoid pieces on.  Then the final block border and a solid border of white with be added. 
Great job ladies!  Thanks for sharing with us!

New in to the Thread and Bolts Quilt Shop- more 108" wide fabrics. The selection has outgrown the space. If you are looking for 108" backing, come see Lynn!  
Next week is the Small Groups that meet on Tuesday @10am and 5pm, Wednesday @ 10 am.  We still need a "NAME".  Only one suggestion has come in via Mary C-  "The M & M Quilter's" since we are using Marti Michell Templates and patterns for our BOM (Block of the Month) quilts. There will be 2 new Block patterns for each of the 2 quilts we are making, given out. In addition, this month, Lynn will also be giving out the Finishing directions so the Alternate Blocks can be cut out and made, ready for assembly once the 12 pieced blocks are done.  Hope to see everyone there, ready to Sew and have fun!