Monday, December 29, 2014

Mystery Link -up and Design Wall Monday- December 29, 2014

 We missed the Link-up last week with the Holidays.
Here is Lynn's Clue 5 All DONE!

Her other clues are in the works.  She has a bag labelled for each clue.

Mary Ellen has been busy making her Clues too

Mary C is all DONE with the clues.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Mystery Monday Link-up and Design Wall Monday December 15, 2014

Mary Ellen and Mary C both came out to sew again today.
We worked on clue 3.
Lynn Stitching her long strips together.
She isn't going scrappy.
Her daughter came out to make Fudge but stayed to help press Lynn's strips.
See the yummy treats they made this week-end?

 Lynn thought she was catching up here.
Clue 3 parts cut, ready to sew together into 2x4's

Here are some of the opps- Fixed
She should have plenty of Part A parts

Lynn's Clue 1-3
Lynn was determined to get them RIGHT before we left.

Mary Ellen is still working on the Clue 2- trimming the extra part off the Flip & Sew.
 Mary Ellen's Clue 3

Mary Ellen has her parts in a zip log bag

Here are Mary C's --Clue 3 part A that she worked on today.
She and Mary Ellen both needed to buy more greens for variety.

We didn't stay as long today- hope we didn't tire her out too much.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Grand Illusion Link-up/ Design Wall Monday-December 8, 2014


What's happening @ Thread and Bolts Quilt shop?
                 Mary Ellen and Mary C came out for a long awaited Sew day with Lynn
                                      Lynn is recovering still from her heart procedure.
On the agenda---
2014 Quiltville Mystery

Mary Ellen selected her fabrics

 and made a few blocks.

These are Lynn's Fabrics 

& her first Clue 1 & 2 Blocks

Mary C has this cool "Cutting Gizmo" that Lynn had to try.

Here are samples of some of the guesses seen on FB Quiltville Open Studio this week. 

3 Happy Mystery Quilters

Mary C is so happy to have her Quilt Buddy feeling good enough to sew again!

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