Friday, March 1, 2013

On and OFF the Longarm...

I've not shown all of the Customer Quilts that have come off the APQS Long Arm at Thread and Bolts for a while.  There have been a few, even a couple I didn't get to see and photograph.  

First is Julie H of Mesa's Music Quit. Lynn quilted a Treble clef and music note Panto all over it.   
 It was the perfect Quilting for this quilt. Lynn quilted this panto on another quilt that went to Charity. I think it is in the Slideshow on the sidebar.

 This one is from Mary Ellen- 
She made a Card trick in gray and blues.  Very manly.. Lynn quilted the Square Doodles Panto on it.
  Mary Ellen is working on our favorite- this is her 2nd D9P. Made from fabrics with the planets on it.  

 Mary Ellen and her friend both came for one on two classes to make a D9P last year with the Dragonfly fabric. Mary Ellen's was quilted by Lynn and is HERE.

Here's a sneak peek at Becci L's Farmer's wife quilt.  This is being quilted with a feather Panto that has a paisley design in it. Becci L is lucky to have her Farmer's Wife quilted by Lynn.  She is one of the three who have a completed top from the FW Group.
 Soon to be quilted is the "U-topia" Quilt that Lynn has been working on most of the last two weeks. The blocks are all made and the borders are on. We hope to reveal it soon.  It may not be until it is hanging at Trends in Portland though.  We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for Mr Kona Bay and Marti Michell.  Right???

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  1. Pretty! I especially like the card trick block colors and pattern.


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