Monday, July 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday July 16, 2012

 This past week has been a very difficult one for me.  The saying goes that "Sewing Soothes the Soul".  With the passing of my Mother, I have done a LOT of sewing. I'm glad for friends who care and have come to offer condolences. I spent most of my week-end in the Quilt Studio and made enough of the Bear Paw Blocks and Log Cabin Blocks to finish the center of Glenda's Quilt. Staying busy is the best thing to do.
 It took a bit to find the four Log Cabin blocks for the Center with no repeating fabrics.
The rest of these Log Cabin and Bear Paw Blocks will go in the final border.

The cutting of the off-center Log Cabin Blocks has begun, then the quilt can be put all together to be Quilted. I am amazed that in one week I've made so much Progress.  I'm liking the way the Log Cabin and Paw Blocks are looking. The shading from the variety of fabrics helps a lot for a scrappy look.  

I'm linking up with Patchworktimes again this week. Click HERE to see more Design Wall Postings.


  1. Nice, Lynn! What an interesting block.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mother. I know sewing helps me through many tough times. Beautiful blocks and lay out.


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