Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Design Wall - a bit later than Monday

Monday was a holiday so No group sewing happened at Thread and Bolts!  Tuesday the Photographer/Blogger; Mary C came out and we took the first Picture auditioning the sashing and cornerstones for the Scrappy Farmer's Wife Quilt. That was going to be the Monday Posting. I've sewn all the blocks from the Scrap bin.  

 I cut the Sashing and cornerstones at 2" to make my quilt bigger.  (I need a King size).  By sewing the sashings on with a cornerstone it is easy to lay the quilt out on the Design Wall.   The order doesn't matter and I have a few duplicates to make the quilt longer as well. I plan on an 8 x 8 row setting on-point. This arrangement could change.  I already see I need MORE BLUE in my Blocks!   The Setting triangles with be a white tone-on-tone and the outer border will be the same fabric as the Cornerstones.
The fun part was figuring out the orientation the blocks should be set. 
Must have the birds all flying in the right direction, you know.  LOL
Mary C got to un-sew a few of hers while I got my sashings sewn on.  Next Farmer's Wife Group meets in two weeks.  Won't they all be surprised if my Farmer's Wife Quilt is up on the wall?

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  1. I came over from Mary's page -- your quilt is going to be stunning! It *almost* makes me consider getting out the book and giving it a go!! :)


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