Monday, September 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday September 10-2012

Lynn said, "Oops, I did it again"... when we were on our way home from Trends. This is her 3rd time to win the People Choice at Trends!!! The first time was her Bear Quilt, (Pre- Blog) in 2008, the 2nd time was her Sylvia's Bridal Sampler in 2010, Blogged about HERE. The Link to see all of the Quilts entered is HERE.

2012 Fall Trends People's Choice Winner
It's time to show it off now that her Sister in Law, Glenda has seen it.  She is pictured here at the EE Schencks Warehouse for the Fall Trends Trade Show.  Mary C Blogged more about Trends HERE.   It's been hard to not show more on the Blog.  It was shown at Guild last month since we figured it wouldn't be here for the September Guild Meeting.  Lynn almost didn't send this quilt in for the Trends Contest.  I, Mary C had to go out and help her finish getting quilts ready and take them to the UPS to be sent off, albeit 3 days late. She named it "Bears in the Forest" to go with the Trends Theme. When we arrived and our quilts were the final 3 that were entered, numbered 9, 10 and 11. She took that as a Good Luck Omen.  Her Birthday is on September 11th and it's her favorite Lucky Number.  She always says--- "something good happened on that date, too!"

This quilt was commissioned by her Husband's sister, Glenda.  She requested that it be a quilt that was worked on by her Mother Alice with Lynn.  This was the very last Quilt Pattern Alice made and finished that Lynn knew of.  Over the weekend Lynn  found out where the quilt Alice made(like this one) is now and was able to share the story with Glenda and her other Sister in Law, Gloria: who owns the quilt Alice made. It was nice for Lynn to know also where that quilt was.  Now this quilt of Glenda's has a great story too.  So much of quilt history is lost as the quilts go from generation to generation it was fun and important to rescue this piece of quilt history for the Wilson family!

 Here is a picture of the quilt outside before it was sent to EE-Schencks. TA-DA!
A couple of Close-ups of the Quilting..."Feather Ramble"

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  1. Beautiful! And Congratulations on the win!


  2. OH MY! This is just beautiful! Congratulations Lynn.

  3. Great job! That's an impressive quilt.


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