Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Fall Trends- September 2012

This is Lynn seeing her quilt up in the Warehouse at EE Schencks and realizing it has her Lucky Number on it.  Note the T-Shirt has Thread and Bolts LOGO on it.  Tara at Copier Specialists enlarged and printed them for us to wear at Trends.  The front has Thread and Bolts and our Name on it.  We can be walking talking advertisements now for Lynn's Quilt Shop. The Pink tote bag has the LOGO Embroidered on it.

EE Schencks outdid themselves and had multiple Guest Speakers and Notable Quilters who did the Take and Teach Demos.  I think we asked for more Guests on our Surveys last Spring.

Friday Night was Jean Wells from "The Stitching Post" Quilt Shop in Sister's Oregon. 36 Copies of her new Book "Journey to Inspired Art Quilting" were given out to Shop owners and EE Schencks customers after she showed us her many quilts and talked about how she started her Quilt shop and what Inspires her quilts.  Lynn has one of those Books and it is Autographed too! Jean does "Art" type Quilts.

This is Jerry Stube of "Quilter's Quarters" in Leavenworth, Kansas.  She talked about Blocks of the Month Programs and making them work.  She runs several in a years time, something for everyone.  Jerry made us laugh with her Southern accent.
It is great to rub shoulders with these amazing ladies who come to share their passion with us.
Also there were Marsha McCloskey, Jan Douglas, and Patricia Pepe. Just to name a few.
New backing were brought home as well as more 45" bolts of pretty fabrics. Come on over and see the New Merchandise!  Kona Bay "Butterfly Carnival" fabrics are coming in the next two months.  Just in time for your Christmas Giving.

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