Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing for a Local Shelter

Thread and Bolts has been busy cutting out Kits for this event.  Thanks to Tammi for her long couple of days of helping.  27 small bolts were emptied to Benefit the Local Women's Shelter. They cut about 80 kits.

This was the Plea put out on Facebook today...

Pillowcase Party at Thread and Bolts for the Walla Walla 

Women's STEP Shelter, please stop by and sew up a 

pillowcase or two. Fabrics provided by Thread and Bolts, we

 just need bodies to sew them up. You can bring Finished 

cases to the shop or sew up one of the pillowcase "KITS"

put together by Lynn and Her daughter Tammi. The shop is 

open 10 am to 6 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come by and 

lend a hand!

Mary C came out with her Serger just in time to help stitch up the final seams on 24 Pillowcases.

This is what makes a KIT.

Lynn pinning the "Hot Dog" together.
A few more ready for turning and the final seams.
 The goal is to donate 100 Pillowcases to the Shelter. We are well on the way to that Number.  More Twin sized Quilts are needed as well.  If you know of a Crib that could be donated, Contact Lynn.

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