Thursday, April 18, 2013

M & M Quilters -Blocks Progress

The Tuesday class spent most of their time cutting out blocks.

  June brought her Blocks that she is making 4 of to have a King Size like Lynn's A & C with Pinwheel Frames Quilt.  She is using the same "Butterfly" Fabric for her center squares. They look very different with the combination she chose.
Mary C got her Alternate Blocks all sewn.  The Romance Continues has 13 of these blocks.  That means lots of 4-patches and flying geese.

 Her quilt center is all together now and she is ready to add the borders. She came out to cut them on Wednesday.  Note to others using the Border stripe- Read the full directions.  Don't cut between the white and blue Floral border. Mary C's quilt will be a little different size than the Pattern unless she adds the seam allowance she lost to the inner border.  

 Wednesdays class was lively as usual and we got to see more blocks in the works.

Julie H from Mesa chose fabrics in her favorite theme for "The Romance Continues"  Her blocks include one from the other BOM that she cut by mistake in these fabrics.  It's great to see the blocks in all the variety of fabrics the M & M Quilters have picked.

These are Patty's Blocks. She is just starting on her A & C with Pinwheel Frames Quilt.  Most of her fabrics came from her STASH at home.  Patty is June's Friend and they both love their Purple fabric. June came on both days and got another of her corner blocks made.
Lynn worked on her Log Cabin Batik Quilt and has almost got the 60+ blocks finished.  They should be on Monday's Design Wall.

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