Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday/Tuesday- April 16, 2013

OOPS! Mary C forgot to post the Blocks yesterday for the M & M Quilters group that meets this week at Thread and Bolts.   Since Lynn finished her whole Quilt and Mary C has all of her blocks made it's hard to remember. A day late but here come the Blocks...

 "A & C with Pinwheel Frames" 
The Blocks for April are:
          #8 Scarborough Square 
#7 Trafalgar Square

The Blocks for "The Romance Continues" are:

#7 Star Struck  

 #8 Chance Encounter 
The fabrics are not always the same as in the pictures shown with Marti Michell's instructions.  
Note: Mary C used some alternate fabric choices. She will be assembling the rows very soon.
The Meeting times are Tuesday 10am-1pm and 4pm -7pm
Wednesday 10am-1pm or By appointment, just give Lynn a call.
Come and join the Fun!

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