Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival

Bears in the Forrest

 The pattern comes from Evelyn Sloppy's book "Log Cabin Fever".  The pattern name is "Bears Need Homes, Too". Over 100 different fabrics were used in the Log Cabin and Bear Paw Blocks. Some pieces are only in the quilt once.  Many of the fabrics came from Alice's Stash. There was a lot of drawing on the back of the light fabric- sewing and making HST's. Much of it was completed in the 2 weeks after my mother passed away. It was a great way to control the feelings I was having at the time.  Quilting is a great stress reliever for me.

 The Log Cabin block pieces were cut with Marti Michell's 1"-2" Log cabin ruler. Placing them in order into a box made the stitching much easier. 
I had to only show bits and pieces on the Blog and Facebook so it would be a surprise.

Detail of the quilting and the corner shown in these close-ups. (you can click on them to make them bigger).  I love how the thread plays peek-a-boo as it goes in the Feather Ramble design. Quilted with 20 weight Egyptian Cotton variegated thread.

This quilt was commissioned by Jerry's sister, Glenda.  She requested a quilt pattern that was worked on by her Mother Alice from when she sewed with Me.  This was the very last Quilt Pattern her Mother; Alice made and finished that I know of.  Over the weekend I found out where the quilt Alice made (like this one) is now and was able to share the story with Glenda and Gloria- who owns the quilt Alice made. It was very nice to know also where that quilt was.  So much of quilt history is lost as the quilts go from generation to generation. It was fun and important for me to rescue this piece of quilt history for the Wilson family! Now this quilt of Glenda's has a great story too.  I named my version of the quilt "Bears in the Forrest" to go with the Theme at EE Schenck's Fall Trends Trade Show.  It was the People's Choice winner there.

   Quilt Stats for the BQF:

Finished quilt measures :105" x 105"
Special techniques used : Marti Michell template for Log Cabins
Quilted by : Self on APQS with Side Saddle (Computer Driven)
Best Category : Scrappy Category

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  1. Beautiful quilt love the variation of the bear paws

  2. Beautiful! The quilting is lovely.

  3. Its lovely - glad to hear it gave you peace during a difficult time too. Thanks for sharing. #263

  4. really well done. Love the autumn colors. block combos. Just wonderful!

  5. Such a special quilt!!! Love all the different fabrics used for the log cabin blocks.


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