Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilts a plenty getting finished!

These first two quilts were made by the late Alice Wilson (Jerry's Mother) and quilted on the Longarm by Lynn for two of her sister-in-law's grandchildren. This was before the Longarm went to the APQS repair shop in Iowa. The bear paw is quilted with a Pinecone pattern, click on the picture to see it more clearly.

Needles have been flying here as my longarm arrived home from the hospital! We have finished many quilts and many more are near finished. Here are a few of the quilts finished in the last few weeks.
This is the Pink and White version of the "Bouquet of Friendship" made with Marti Michell fabric.
This is a Baby Charity Quilt made for donation to the guild. Done in the D9P pattern quilted with a Tiara, wand and stars pattern.

This is made from donated fabrics of Trudy Young a deceased member of our Guild. A simple 4 patch with alternating squares and quilted with the "Tumbling Teddies" pattern.

This is one of 3 identical quilts that were quilted with a simple meander. A Shelter Quilt made by Jean in the guild to donate to the Walla Walla Women's shelter

Quilt made by Audrey for the WW Women's Shelter, Quilted with Ribbons pattern by Lynn.


  1. Sorry these are the only pictures that I had copies of at home to add. I'll have to take more when I come out again...

  2. I love the princess quilt! Very nice.


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