Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 Blogger's Quilt Festival- Bed Quilt

I'm not at Spring Market even though it is so close in Portland, Oregon.  I'm seeing lots of pictures posted via Facebook.  Thankful for another chance to share with the Blogger's Quilt Festival online with Amy's Creative Side. I'm entering my most recent Quilt in the BED Quilt Category HERE

 "Butterflies in Flight"
Quilt Stats: 
Size: KING 
Pieced and quilted by Lynn Wilson January 2013- March 2013
Pattern name: "A & C with Pinwheel Frames" 
Pattern Designer: Marti Michell
Fabrics: Kona Bay "Butterfly Carnival"
Photo by Mr Kona Bay- Doug  
Inspriration came from this stack of fabrics by Kona Bay 
The Pattern came from a Block of the Month class that we have been running at Thread and Bolts this year with Marti Michell, using her Perfect Patchwork Templates.

Most of the construction of this quilt happened in the 2 weeks prior to Spring Trends this year. 
When the fliers came out and we saw that Marti was going to be there there was some major hustle going on at the Thread and Bolts Studio. Many hours were spent cutting and auditioning fabrics for each block. 
The center of each block was 'Fussy-cut'  from the Butterfly fabric. 
There were only 6 fabrics used.  The pattern gives directions for 12.
 6.5" Butterfly Borders on and ready to be quilted.  
The quilt arrived at EE Schencks just in time for photography.
Marti Michell, the pattern designer and Me
at Spring TRENDS in Portland, OR

Enjoy the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I hope you will consider this quilt for a Nomination and Vote.
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  1. Beatiful! I love how the different purples work together...

  2. Gorgeous colors together! I bet it looks fantastic laid out on a big bed!

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