Saturday, June 23, 2012

Long time - No Blog

HELLO, has anybody missed seeing new stuff Here?  Did the Photographer go on strike?  NO, just life got in the way and the photos are still on the camera...
The Long Arm at Thread and Bolts has been BUSY!  A few of the quilts finished left without being Photographed- JULIE can you text pictures to me from your Phone???

Lynn took on the challenge of finishing this Vintage hand-pieced Double Wedding Ring Quilt for a customer.
It wasn't an easy fix however.  We brought the solid Blue home from Trends and she appliqued it to the edge by hand, manipulating the 4-patch points and Melon units to lay flat.  Then she added the outside Border on two sides and quilted it with 'Feathers".  As the label says the top was pieced by the Customer's Mother in 1960's and 1970's in Richland, Washington.  The Daughter wanted it finished and paid Lynn to do it for her 90 year old mother.  What a treasure it is now.  We are told that the Mother just cried when she saw it and hugged it, not wanting to let it out of her sight ever again.

Lynn took time out to Quilt one of her own UFO's...  
This is a Slanted Star made of Hatchet Blocks from her Y2K Swap fabrics. No two corners are the same and it is KING SIZED to fit her bed! Quilted with a 'Simple Meander'.
Lynn proudly shared her Y2K Quilt with the Guild and Humbly accepted the Hearts and Flowers Quilt from Jan, our H & F committee Chair.  It's been nearly 6 years since the injury to Lynn's Shoulder. So this quilt is appreciated that much more.  Made in Lynn's favorite color- BLUE!

 This Purple 9-Patch has been in the works for most of the year.  A gift for her son's caregiver.  He has admired the many crazy patched and scrappy quilts that he changes on a regular basis.  This one was made from the scrap bin and a lot of Purple.  It was Quilted with a free Pattern of Anne Brights' that came with the Side Saddle.

This is the center of a Hearts and Flowers quilt, Passed along to be finished by someone else in the H & F committee.

     Rewind to 2 months ago.  That means you haven't seen the Farmer's wife Blocks from May or June.

Lynn's May FW Blocks                                                  Lynn's June FW Blocks
The Ladies have come to class and just cut out blocks the last two months.  No sharing of Blocks in the Tuesday Class and Mary C didn't make it to the Wednesday Class so no pictures there either. Mary C's Blocks can be seen HERE and HERE. She even has her July Blocks all made.

New fabrics in the Red Rooster, "Caroline's Collection" by Jennifer Chiaverini have arrived. 


There is a class for the "Christmas Star" by Judy Niemeyer coming to "Thread and Bolts" in October and November. 

 Contact Lynn for more Details. 

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  1. Beautiful double wedding ring quilt. How nice to have it finished!
    Lynn, you've been busy with those huge quilts! Good work!


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